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MDColor-3-red Get to “KNOW NASHVILLE” at your event!

Great news: your company has chosen the coolest, most exciting city in America, Nashville, TN, as the location for it’s upcoming event – how awesome is that!! So what now? Well, one thing you’re going to want to do is get all of your associates pumped as to why Nashville is the amazing city it is…why they’re making TV shows about it…why it’s TripAdvisor’s #1 City On The Rise”…why they should be excited that they have arrived in such an incredible place!

Your corporation is devoting a lot of time and resources into bringing your team members to Nashville and you want them to have an enriching experience.   We want them to come away from Nashville with an unforgettable experience that will make every moment here worthwhile.  By including “Now You Know Nashville” in your event, your associates will have a fast-paced, interactive, and engaging “Nashville ice-breaker” presentation covering:

–       The excitement and buzz that is Nashville: the most electric city to any fan of music and entertainment

–       The fun history of Music City

–       The fascinating unknown history that you won’t find anywhere else

–       The filming locations and stories behind ABC’s TV show, Nashville, and others

–       Remarkable stories of legendary artists and classic songs

–       All the hotspots that must be visited in order to have the most complete visit possible

–       All presented by Nashville expert, Top 40 hit songwriter, and recording artist, Mason Douglas

Mason will answer all the burning questions: where to eat…what to see…who to listen to…what is honky-tonkin’…what all is there to do?  Anything that will add to their full experience of the city will be at their disposal in order to get the audience completely familiar with the town and allow them to confidently claim, right out of the gate, “Now I know Nashville”…

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